Is The Sarah Connor Chronicles Cancelled?

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There's a rumor going around that Fox's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been cancelled, and that it's not even a sure thing that the show will complete its second season. But is it true?


In a word, no. In three words, well, not yet.

The reports (like this one) are taking their lead from TV By The Numbers' blunt assessment of the show's future this past Wednesday:

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles returned to Fox's line up on Friday, February 13 and its ratings got caught under a machine press. That the show will be cancelled is a foregone conclusion now. I think it's likely that it finishes out its run this season though.


Their logic is sound, but that doesn't make their conclusion factual just yet; it's true that the ratings for the series have - to be brutally honest - tanked in its new Friday night slot, and unless some miracle happens, it's probably headed for the scrap heap. But stranger things have happened, and while ratings are very much unlikely to rise to the level of the show being a hit, they could definitely rebound above the cancellation point before the end of the season, given proper promotion. Summer Glau fans, consider this your cue.

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All Thumbs

As long as they ditch the bumpers with Glau and Dushku, they should be fine. They certainly almost made me turn it off.

Oh, and ratings? Seriously you can't count on ratings on a Friday, they have to look at the timeshift and download numbers. Because who stays in on a Friday for TV? Besides me of course.