Is The Only Way To Save Heroes To Kill It?

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Blogger Scott King has an unusual idea how NBC can save Heroes - Cancel the series and replace it with spin-offs. But not necessarily the spin-offs that you'd expect.


The insight came to King after he tried to imagine how to save the show:

[T]he more and more I thought about it, the more and more I realized that the once interesting show has past the point of no return. Nothing can be done to save it.

So I want to propose an alternative to NBC: Do a spin-off!

The three spin-offs he suggest include a Doctor Who riff for Hiro, an X-Files take on the adventures of HRG, and a serial-killer solo spot for Sylar:

Tagline: Think “Dexter” but with Sylar
Sylar was always the most interesting when he was killing people. This whole nerdy re-vamp with a conscious (sic) is just plain boring. I want to see him as a bad ass slitting brains! Not only that, but I want the producers to expand upon and further explore ‘the hunger’ that his power forces him to have. Let him take on a secret identity and try to live a mundane life. Then at night have him out stalking and feeding the hunger that can never be quenched. Though to make this work, the life he creates must be one that not only he cares about, but that viewers care about. The supporting cast has to not only be interesting but filled with people matter. This way if he’s ever caught, he can’t just go on the run and ditch the new life he’s made for himself.

The worrying thing is - This actually sounds more interesting than what Heroes has actually done with the character. Maybe King is onto something, even if I'm surprised that he didn't try and pitch The Petrellis, a moving family drama about a family trying to face up to the fact that their sons are terrible, terrible actors.

How To Spin Off Heroes ['King Film]



I'm not sure if I can keep returning to this blog. According to io9, all the shows I like suck. How about some postivity for a change?

I know, lets make an Dancing With the Stars rip-off based on The Sarah Conner Chronicles! An American Idol ripoff based on Fringe!

Sorry, I like my Heroes, Fringe, and Sarah Conner just the way they are... I'm even looking forward to Lost returning.