Is the Norwegian horror movie Thale the next Troll Hunter?

Never trust a gorgeous woman with a cow tail. Check out the brand new trailer about an enchanted beast from Norwegian folklore centered around the dangerous and sexy creature known as the huldra.


The Norwegians have been pumping out hit after indie horror hit lately, and this might be the next big underground genre sensation from the North, titled Thale (which translates simply to "tail"). Director Aleksander Nordaas' Thale is centered around the ancient being called the huldra. The nymph-like woodland creature appears to be a gorgeous woman but has the tail of a cow. Also, her back appears to be hollowed out like a tree's. Yes, amazing — we're in. Many moons ago we showed you the first teaser trailer, now take a look at the second.


More proof that all superheroes are dicks. And if they didn't start out that way, they'll certainly wind up zapping their wives into a time loop to avoid all that constant nagging. Behold the French short Electroshock directed by Hugo Jackson, Pascal Chandelier, Valentin Michel, Bastien Mortelecque and Elliot Maren.


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