Is The New Sulu Also Iron Man's Costume Jewelry-Loving Arch Foe?

Is there anything John Cho can't do? He's the new Sulu in Star Trek, he's the linchpin of the Goyer-Braga series Flash Forward, and now he's a major villain in Iron Man 2... supposedly.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting Cho will play the Mandarin, the Asian arch-villain (with the unfortunate name) who sports a ring on each finger. Also, supposedly Tommy Chong will play the Mandarin's father, who claims to be the real genius behind the awesome weapons Tony's father invented.


The first Iron movie hinted at the Mandarin's involvement in the evil goings-on by having Tony kidnapped by the "Ten Rings" organization, so it seems logical we'd meet the Mandarin in the second film. But will he be the main villain of the movie, or will we just meet him briefly, before he stars in the third film? And just how zany will Tommy Chong be? (If EW's sources are right.) [EW]

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