Is the Louisiana forest monster Super 8 viral marketing?

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Remember yesterday's creeptastic news report about a ghoul shambling through the Louisiana woods? Bad news, cryptid fans — this creature is now being pegged as some extraterrestrial horror from the Steven Spielberg-produced and J.J. Abrams-directed alien flick Super 8.

According to Movieweb, this image is Super 8 viral marketing that began on a hunting supply site's Facebook page and wended its way to mainstream media:

It first appeared on Wildgame Innovation's Facebook page. It is a picture reportedly snapped by a deer hunter on a reserve in Berwick, near Morgan City, Louisianna [sic]. It was originally being passed off as real, but now inside sources close to the production say its actually a viral image from Super 8. There is even video from a young Weirton, West Virginia extra called "Crying Girl", who talks about having a run in with this creature in the movie.


In the (fairly mundane) video, the girl talks about being trapped on a plane, where a "zombie" attacks her and her mother. Frankly, I'm of the mind that these "viral marketing" allegations are just a cover-up for the chupacabra factory Uncle Sam's running down in the Louisiana bayou.

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Damn. Gollum in Lousisina a hoax? Unbelivable.

Well, at least NBC had NO way of finding it out before airing that thing. you know like... doing research or stuff....