We saw some wild and crazy promo footage from the LEGO Movie — and directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord told us they want this movie to feel like a LEGO fan film that's just somehow gotten a "ton of money."

The LEGO Movie is part-CGI and part actual real LEGO bricks in stop-motion, and Lord and Miller told the audience they absolutely do not want you to be able to tell which is which.


We didn't exactly see new footage from the LEGO Movie, but we did see a hilarious "audition" video in which the main character Emmett, the female lead Wildstyle and Batman are all trying out for roles in the film. But Batman is too busy texting on his Bat-phone to bother to audition — and he's not even willing to say "I'm Batman," until Superman pops up and says he's willing to be in the movie. Also, when Wildstyle beats up a bunch of robots, she shouts out which parts of them she's kicking: "groin, groin, neck, neck, groin, space between eyes and neck."

Also we see Bad Cop auditioning — but then he wants to play both good cop and bad cop, and this is a problem.


And then LEGO versions of both Lord and Miller have to audition to direct their own movie, and the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell) starts messing with them, telling them their faces need to be different and they suck.

Vitruvious (Morgan Freeman) shows up to read his big heroic monologue about destiny but he can't find his place in the cue cards, which are lego cue cards of course. And then Morgan Freeman tries to learn how to talk like Batman.

There are a ton of LEGO cameos in this film, many of which the film-makers couldn't reveal. (And host Chris Hardwick joked that this film is reuniting the Human Centipede cast for a LEGO Human Centipede.) But they did mention that Channing Tatum is Superman, Jonah Hill is Green Lantern — and Cobie Smulders is "the first film incarnation of Wonder Woman." When they said that, the crowd went nuts.

The whole point of this film is capturing how kids play with LEGO. Producer Dan Lin said they had a fan contest and invited people to make short LEGO films, and some of that stuff made it into the film.

Also, in this movie, everything is LEGO. Said Miller, "The explosions are LEGO, the water is LEGO undulating, everything is processed LEGO pieces, it's crazy." Miller insisted they had to have a classic LEGO space character in the film as one of the main characters, because he grew up playing with Space Village — and in fact, Miller's mom found the Space Village set he had as a kid and sent it to them, so Miller's childhood LEGO set is in the movie.