Is the dramatic rise in chin implants due to video chat?

The Wall Street Journal reports that the American Association of Plastic Surgeons has seen a meteoric rise in chin implants over the past year. The number of chin implants, where a silicon implant increases the size of the chin, grew 71% in 2011. That's 20,680 chin implants total in the U.S. According to the WSJ:

The procedures were about evenly divided between men and women, with the largest increase in patients 40 and older.

The group's president, Malcolm Z. Roth, suggests one reason may be the fact that more people see themselves on video-chat technology. "They may notice that their jaw line is not as sharp as they want to be."


So basically Skype is fueling the plastic surgery industry. Makes sense.

via WSJ Health Blog



I don't care how good looking you are, on video chat everyone resembles Jabba the Hutt. (Especially on smartphones.)