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Has The Wolfman done what Batroc The Leaper, Baron Zemo and even Iron Man couldn't manage? New rumors are claiming that the poor box office performance of director Joe Johnston's werewolf movie may have resulted in Cap's (temporary?) demise. UPDATED.


Movie blog Remington's Cinema is claiming that anonymous sources from the set of John Landis' Burke and Hare are saying that Marvel/Disney have postponed the Cap project from its announced 2011 release following the flop of Johnston's The Werewolf, teasing that the decision may allow the studio to switch directors.

How this squares with recent rumors about the movie finally screen testing potential Caps is unclear, although it's possible that any possible postponement may also allow Marvel more time to find the right celluloid sentinel of liberty. Or maybe they just want to disabuse Johnston of his "Cap can sing and dance during WWII" idea...


UPDATE: A Marvel Studios spokesman has been in contact to reassure us that this rumor is untrue, and that Captain America is still targeted for its 2011 release, with Johnston attached.

Joe Johnston's Captain America: Shelved? [Remington's Cinema]

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