Illustration for article titled Is iThe 100/is Commander of Death About to Become the Commander of Everyone?

In the brutal, post-apocalyptic world of The 100, committing mass murder earns you a lot of street cred. Enough to become leader of the whole goddamn universe? Maybe. Because the current head honcho, Lexa, needs some help from her old ally.


We never thought Lexa was gone for good, and sure enough, she was back in last night’s episode of The 100. In fact, Lexa’s the one who ordered Clarke to be kidnapped in the Season 3 premier. But unlike other Grounders, who want to kill Clarke to steal the power she apparently acquired by irradiating 300 people in an underground bunker, Lexa wants Clarke alive—and on her side. Trouble in teenage warlord paradise?

It’s not clear how Clarke is going to respond to this appeal for aid from the person who betrayed her people during a horrific battle—well, aside from spitting in Lexa’s face and hurling death threats at her. But if these two women do wind up working together again, that places Clarke very close to a lot of power. Will the Commander of Death help Lexa bring order to the restless Grounder nations? Will she betray her crafty ex-ally, and seize power for herself? Or will Clarke escape this insane tower of Sauron that the Grounders were somehow hiding in plain sight?


One way or another, sparks are about to fly.

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