I hate to get all indie rock on your ass, but isn't it kind of lame that everybody is going apeshit over Sweding when the whole meme was invented by the marketing team for Be Kind Rewind to get people interested in the movie? I'm not saying Be Kind Rewind was a bad movie, nor that the spirit behind Sweding is bad either. I like the idea of people making cardboard light cycles to parody Tron, or making fun of Predator with an all-female cast like the Swede I've got for you right here. And I think it's great that people are figuring out that it isn't some kind of crime against copyright to create silly versions of their favorite movies. But every time I see a new Sweded flick, I feel like the person doing it is just advertising Michel Gondry's flick rather than making a new cool thing.

Of course, you could argue that this Star Wars Swede is advertising Star Wars too, while also advertising Be Kind Rewind. And when a bunch of goofballs at a London new media conference decided to Swede the season finale of Torchwood before it even aired, that could be seen as an ad for the TV show, a reminder to watch it on BBC 2 that evening.

But I gotta admit, my life was not complete until I watched the girls in the Sweded Predator shit-talking about pussy.


So does it matter where a meme like Sweding comes from? Does it matter that it originated in some marketer's mind rather than in the pop internet unconscious that gave us Rickrolling and the Numa Numa Dance? After all, the Be Kind Rewind crew have used all the tools that regular old meme-makers use: they created a You Tube page, and even link to Wikipedia on the official Be Kind Rewind website.

Plus, I ask you, do you think these kids Sweding the Matrix have ever even heard of Be Kind Rewind? I don't think so either. But they do rule at karate. Sort of.

Still, I'm left wondering if a manufactured meme like Sweding can ever really be as cool as a million people doing the Numa Numa dance for the sheer fun of it. When does a marketing campaign become a grassroots thing?