We've already told you that Paris Hilton will be guesting on Supernatural this season, but now that we've found out who she'll be playing, we're wondering: Should we cut her some slack after all?


Yes, yes, we get the Hilton hate; she's rich, she's superficial, she looked particularly scary in night vision. But we can't shake the feeling that there's something more to everyone's most favorite hated socialite than we give her credit for. This is, after all, the woman who starred as a surgery-addict in Repo The Genetic Opera - not the most obvious, or glamorous, role you'd imagine for her - as well as agreeing to star in a self-depreciating-but-hilarious McCain-baiting Funny or Die video during last year's election madness. Her Supernatural guest spot continues the trend, according to showrunner Eric Kripke:

If anyone ever wanted to see a bloodthirsty Paris attack and kill somebody, this is your chance[. I'm] quite frankly shocked that Paris agreed to do it. We wrote the role just for her... We're very excited that she said yes. She plays the role of a demonic creature that takes the form of... Paris Hilton. If you know our style, you know we go pretty funny and irreverent with this stuff, so—expect that. The fact that she wanted to do the episode speaks volumes about her sense of humor. She's flat-out awesome for playing along. You'll see.


Is there a hidden, self-aware side to Hilton that allows her to play with her own public identity like this, or is she just so desperate for the spotlight that she'll go along with anything as long as it gets her name out there? We're leaning towards the former, but we'll admit it: we're biased towards anyone who did a cameo on Veronica Mars.

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