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DC Comics have fired their attorney on the ongoing Superman copyright case, replacing him with a man who defended Enron CEO Jeff Skilling. Does this mean that DC are planning to finish this once and for all?

Advertisement's Jeff Trexler broke the news yesterday that DC have hired "super lawyer" Daniel Petrocelli to take over from previous lawfirm Weissmann Wolff Bergman in regards to the ongoing Siegel lawsuits. As well as defending Skilling in a case that went before the Supreme Court, Petrocelli is known for getting a case against Disney over unpaid royalties thrown out of court on technical grounds. Trexler notes that the hiring may signal a change in tactics from the publisher:

Time Warner's decision to bring on such a high-profile litigator as its new outside counsel would seem to signal that the company does not expect a settlement with the Siegel family in the foreseeable future. It's equally possible that the hire is itself a negotiation tactic, as it's not unusual for a party in a lawsuit to bring in big name counsel in an attempt to intimidate a seemingly intractable opponent.


Also possible, of course: That the change in executive team for DC simply wanted to make a change in their legal team.

DC fires lawyers in Siegel Superman case []

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