Michel Gondry may be a good replacement for Stephen Chow as director of Seth Rogen's The Green Hornet, but does a new casting call reveal that Chow has dropped out of starring in the movie as well?

SpoilerTV posted the casting call on Friday afternoon:

[KATO] ALL ASIAN ETHNICITIES, Male, 20's - early 40's. Brit Reid's manservant/chauffeur by day and Green Hornet's martial arts-skilled sidekick by night. Actor doesn't have to have Martial Arts experience.


Chow's co-starring role in the movie was initially in doubt following his quitting as director, but sources involved in the movie had suggested that he would stay on with the arrival of Gondry as director. This new casting call hints at more behind the scenes changes, and not just in the casting: "Actor doesn't have to have Martial Arts experience"? Isn't that, you know, Kato's whole thing?

[Via /Film]

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