Is Spanking Responsible For Global War?

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A new study shows that children who are spanked are more likely to be violent later in life. With that in mind, check out this map of the World Anti-Spanking League. Is there a correlation between slapping heinies and warfare?


What this map shows is a world where you can see only countries who are members of the World Anti-Spanking League, a group that works to outlaw spanking. Our spank-free landmasses are pitifully tiny. And yet, in the recent study "Mothers' Spanking of 3-Year-Old Children and Subsequent Risk of Children's Aggressive Behavior," researchers found that parents who spanked their children increased their risk of raising a tyrant. According to co-author Catherine Taylor of the Tulane University School of Public Health:

Toddlers that are spanked more frequently at age 3 are at increased risk for being more aggressive at age 5 [...] We found this to be true even after taking into account other factors that might have explained this association such as the parents' level of stress, depression, use of drugs or alcohol, and the presence of other aggression within the family [...] If they avoid spanking but instead use effective, non-physical types of discipline, their child has a better chance of being healthier, and behaving better later.

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The study also notes that among the ~2,500 mothers of three-year-olds surveyed, almost half spanked their child at least once a month. With this factoid in mind, take a look at Jonas Dagson's map above. This Swedish map only denotes nations that forbid corporal punishment in the home; the rest of the slap-happy nations have been drowned by the seas. I guess Poseidon isn't a fan of spanking, despite Wonder Woman's numerous forays into domination play.

Is there a correlation between spanking and world peace? Does smacking a whippersnapper with a hickory switch translate to ballooning defense budgets? Anyone want to write an academic article stretching this chain of causality to ludicrous lengths?

[Pediatrics via Physorg. Map via Strange Maps.]


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I'd rather raise a tyrant than a punching bag.

I won't allow my children to run wild, like the ghetto trash I see on a daily basis. If it takes the palm of my hand to achieve that, so be it.

That said, the lady who wrote Diary Of An S&M Romance directly links her sexual desires/awakening to a childhood event where her uncle publicly disciplined her.