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Do you have still have some of that salt from yesterday's rumors? Then pull it back out because word is that Sony may be discussing the possibility of sharing Spider-Man with Marvel, so both companies can make movies starring the webslinger. But here's why you don't need to consider Spidey an Avenger just yet.


Besides the fact that Hitfix, who first reported the rumor, says they can't verify it yet, discussions are easy, and agreements are hard. There are two main points the two companies would have to agree upon to make this happen:

• Marvel would need to agree to pay Sony a fee, presumably per movie appearance. This would have to be enough to sate Sony, but not so much that Marvel thinks it would cut into into their profit margins.


• Marvel would likely be limited to how much and when they can use Spidey, as Sony wouldn't want Marvel's Spidey-starring movies to interfere with their own Spider-Man movies, which they'll obviously still be making.

While the financial disappointment of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has Sony panicked, I have a hard time thinking these two companies will be able to come to an agreement on either of these points. As much as Marvel Studios wants Spidey, they surely don't want to be beholden to Sony in any way. Additionally, if Sony is desperate enough to even be discussing this possibility, then they're clearly closer to the point where they decide to sell the Spider-Man movie rights back to Marvel and cut their losses.

But no matter how many bombs Sony makes, the fact is Spider-Man will always have the potential to make a shit-ton of money, and I have a hard time imagining Sony would even give up on the franchise completely (unless they were completely broke and needed cash immediately). So let's not count these particular spider-eggs before they hatch, okay?

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