Is Smallville The Cockroach Of Genre TV?

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Friday nights have proven to be the graveyard of network SF shows, taking Sarah Connor Chronicles down and making sure Dollhouse looks terminal - so how is Smallville managing to stay afloat?


Yes, the show saw a massive drop in ratings when it was moved to Fridays in the first place, but since then, it's managed to grow its audience and, unlike Dollhouse, keep the growth... and in doing so, move its network up as a whole, as well:

The show matched last week's season high (which also held up in the nationals, btw). That means The CW tied ABC for third place at 8 p.m. (18-49 is not their sales demo, but they still keep an eye on it). Regardless of the network's mixed feelings about "Smallville," any show that gets the network out of fifth place among the industry's standard measurement is tough to ignore.


Does this success mean that the show has broken the Friday curse - and might get a tenth season? It's beginning to look much more likely. What is keeping this show alive, and can someone get some to Dollhouse quickly?

'Betty,' 'Dollhouse' slip; 'Smallville' retains gain [THR Live Feed]

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The last two seasons have been best since the early years, and consistently both entertaining and engaging, despite some blatant stupidity.

You also can't disregard the outright hotness on that show. While Erica Durance is the most annoying actress on TV, she's also one of the most gorgeous (and i'm sure going on Howard Stern and talking about her naked parties helps excite the fanboys). While I've enjoyed Alison Mack since day one, I've also warmed up to the loveliness of Cassidy Freeman. And let's face it, Tom Welling is not an actor with range or depth, but even the staunchest heterosexual can't deny that guy's pure beefcakiness.

Is it wrong that I base my tv viewing purely on eye candy?

And let's not forget that the show is often a case of "art imitating life," as with the recent "Superhero Sidekick Becomes Crimelord" headline that found Sam Jones as "the Hollywood Connection".... you can still find my link in the "tips" hashtag posting area... #smallville