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Is Silent Horror Classic Nosferatu Scarier With Sound?

What would the 1922 black-and-white horror staple Nosferatu be like with sound? Terrible, it would be terrible, as evidenced in this little experiment right here.


Mario Wienerroither added sound effects and voices (sort of) to a shortened version of this Dracula translation and, in doing so, reminded us all that sometimes the biggest scares come from what our brains are imagining, not what we're actually hearing.

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Craig Michael Ranapia

A few years ago, I saw Nosferatu with a live performance of a reconstruction of Hans Erdmann's original score (sadly, most of the original was lost). It was all the sound it really needed. I know it probably seems cheesy to a lot of modern eyes, but silent films were supposed to be highly theatrical and stylized to within an inch of their lives.