We don't know if they're spoilers or someone in Syfy's online department having fun, but the Twitter account "belonging to" Caprica's Serge the robot has been offering up some unusual comments lately... Potential spoilers ahead.

Responding to questions posed by Caprica fans, Serge has revealed that he was built five years before the start of the show, "decended from" Daniel Graystone's phone and recharges continuously using his own kinetic energy (although he does get plugged in at night). Perhaps more importantly, he knows about Zoe:

Zoe is in the robot. She told me.

Specifically, this is how he found out:

I recognized her. I am not sure how others can't tell it is her.

I didn't know it was a secret. Then she told me not to speak of it. Then it was a secret.


He's not the only one who knows, of course:

Zoe is trapped in the robot. Daniel cannot know. The dog knows.

While we tried and work out if "Daniel cannot know" is foreshadowing or not (because Zoe told him not to tell, or something else...?), this also caught our eye:

I cannot refuse an order from my family (the Graystones). Even if they ordered me to injure them.

Dammit, now we're wondering if CYLONZoe is going to order Serge to injure Daniel at some point in the near future...

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