Worthington has been in hit, after hit, after hit — one of them is even the highest grossing film of all time. But is he a star?

To be fair, the Aussie bricklayer's had quite a run over the past two years: Terminator Salvation, Avatar, and Clash of the Titans all opened impressively and Avatar is the biggest movie in history. But does any of that glory rub off on Worthington? And should it? I've been told he's a handsome man, and he definitely has a commanding presence — which is more that can be said of too many new actors — but I don't think anyone went to see any of those films because of Worthington. They went to see Terminator Salvation because it was a Terminator film; they went to see Avatar because of James Cameron; they went to see Clash of the Titans because they were sick of their families on Easter Weekend.*


To his credit, Worthington seems to be picking his roles well — way better than, say, Gerard Butler did post-300 — but he runs the risk of getting overshadowed by the films themselves. Plus, he's got only the one speed as an actor: glowering indifference.

So the question remains: is Sam Worthington an actor you'd pay to watch, or is he simply someone you tolerate to get to the movies you want to see?

* Just a theory.


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