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Is Ridley Scott's Alien prequel in trouble?

Illustration for article titled Is Ridley Scotts Alien prequel in trouble?

Rumor has it that Ridley Scott's run into a roadblock on his Alien prequel. Scott and the studio are allegedly battling it out over ratings, creative control and budget. Could this bickering stop the Alien film in its tracks?


Script Flags is reporting that Fox and Ridley have been fighting over just about everything in his Alien movie.

Scott wants a budget of around $250m to make it a sci-fi spectacular, and is also pushing for an 18-rated level of violence and horror. Fox, however, don't plan on investing anywhere near that sum, and are keen to get a 15
rating to maximise the audience appeal.


We're choosing to take this rumor with a grain of salt, until more reports come in. The movie itself is still in the early alien face-hugger egg gestation stage, after all.

Thanks for the tip John.

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WTF is with these studios and making everything PG-13? Last time I checked, R rated movies fared just fine. You make a shitty PG-13 movie and less people will see it because it sucks.