Is Peter Capaldi's new costume a callback to a classic Doctor Who?

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So, we've finally gotten a look at the outfit Peter Capaldi will be wearing as the Doctor. And while it's a brand new look, it's also strangely familiar.


After sizing up the new outfit — a minimalist ensemble of black slacks and a crisp white button-up, topped with a red-lined, dark wool coat — commenter Guywhothinksstuff, sent us this photo of Peter Capaldi standing next to a startlingly similar-looking Third Doctor from Tom Spilsbury, who tweeted it with the caption, "Can't think where I've seen something like this before..."


The similarities are strong enough that it seems like it almost has to be a deliberate callback — and perhaps even a sign of more classic-Who references to come in the new season. What do you folks think?

Image: Tom Spilsbury

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Who cares? Until Dr. Who is a gay woman of color, I'll be taking my business elsewhere.