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We just got to see a sneak peek at upcoming movie Pandorum here at San Francisco's Wondercon, and if you're a fan of ABC's Lost, then you're definitely going to enjoy this new space thriller.

The premise behind Pandorum - described as a "mindfuck" by its creators - is very enticing despite having a familiar Lost vibe to it. Me, I'm calling it "Lost, in Space" (That all-important comma to keep you from getting it confused with the more family-friendly Lost in Space); seems that, in the movie, two men (Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid) wake up on a spacecraft with no memory whatsoever - but not only do these guys seem to be suffering from some sort of amnesia, there are mysterious other beings on the ship as well. "Something" is on the ship, we were cryptically told at the Wondercon panel, and "something" was most definitely hinted at in the trailer. Of course, there are no details as to what this thing is... However, since one of the movie's top stars (Cung Le) is a world-class fighting champion, I am making the assumption that there will be some kind of fighting as a result of its presence. Le, along with actress Antje Traue, play two characters that the newly awakened/confused astronauts encounter once they decide to explore the mysterious, massive ("city size," apparently) ship that they are on.

Illustration for article titled Is Pandorum iLost/i, In Space?

The movie is full of questions - Where did all these people come from? What is attacking everyone? Who can you trust? - and keeps the audience, and its characters, on the edge of their seat the entire time. From what we saw, the survivors seem to be in constant battle throughout the entire movie, either with each other, a menacing force, or even themselves. Find out what's behind it all when the movie gets released this September.

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