With only one more season of Lost's sprawling island-castaway tale left in 2010, we're promised closure on all our major characters. But one of the show's stars is rumored to be bailing a year early.

Zap2It's Korbi Ghosh says she's heard Lost star Evangeline Lilly is busy auditioning for TV pilots... for shows starting next fall. And supposedly Lilly's agent has been telling people she'll be available. Lilly's agent told EW and E! Online that it's not true, but Ghosh stands by her sources. And ABC has declined to comment.


I have a hard time believing this rumor, since the show's unlikely to kill off Kate a year early, or otherwise remove her from the narrative. And presumably Lilly is locked into a contract for the rest of the show's run, so she can't just leave the show early on her own initiative. But you never know. What would the Skaters and Jaters do, other than maybe join those of us who are shipping Sawyer and Juliet?

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