Is Matthew Vaughn is going to direct Episode VII after all?

The rumor mill is positively aflame with word that actor Jason Flemyng accidentally outed Vaughn as the director of Star Wars: Episode VII, but we wouldn't be too sure. Watch the above video, the source of this "news" - in it, an interviewer asks Flemyng if he's discussed Star Wars with Vaughn, and Flemying says he's sure he'll get a call. Definite proof that Vaughn is directing Episode VII? No, and here's why.

Yes, Flemyng responds as if Vaughn has been officially hired, but the question was also asked as if Vaughn was officially hired. Flemyng may have simply been responding in the same tone. More importantly, directors can actually talk with actors about potential roles even before they've been officially hired - that happens sometimes. Flemyng has worked with Vaughn nine times, including Layer Cake, X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass, Stardust and more; why wouldn't his pal Vaughn ring him up to discuss Star Wars even before he's signed a contract?

Admittedly, a lot of the reason this clip is getting so much attention is that Flemyng clearly stops himself mid-answer, which indicates he's hiding something, which means he has something to hide. Look, this may mean Vaughn's been hired and Flemyng's trying to stop himself from giving it away, but it may also mean that Vaughn is simply close to being hired - maybe even still in the running with a few other folks - and Flemyng was still told not to talk about it.


Look, Vaughn is certainly looking like the most likely candidate for the job - which as a hardcore Star Wars nut I'm fine with, even though I didn't particularly like Kick-Ass or First Class (I think my problems were more with the scripts than the direction). I just don't think we can consider this video the definitive proof that he's been hired.

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