Is Mark Gatiss writing a biopic about the creation of Doctor Who in 1963?

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A dramatization of Doctor Who's origins seems like the sort of thing that would be perfect for the show's 50th anniversary next year. Mark Gatiss, interviewed on Graham Norton's radio show, seemed to be denying that any such thing was in the works — but his denials are still being taken as hints that he might actually be developing a TV biopic, which could air on BBC 4 in the U.K.


There's certainly plenty of scope for drama there — and some really colorful characters in the mix, including Verity Lambert (pictured above), a young female producer in the ultra-sexist BBC world, trying to prove herself. And Delia Derbyshire, a pioneer of electronic music who created a theme tune unlike anything anyone had heard before. Not to mention Sydney Newman, the brash Canadian who came into the BBC to shake up a stodgy entrenched culture, by injecting a healthy dose of time-travel and family strangeness. And then, of course, there's the cranky, larger-than-life William Hartnell himself. All told, I would watch a TV movie that brought these people to life. Here's hoping it happens! [Bleeding Cool]

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YES, PLEASE. Mark Gatiss is kind of brilliant, and he's a good writer.