Is Lucas' New Secret Project More Star Wars?

Wondering what the mysterious "secret project" is that LucasArts and Bioware are announcing in San Francisco on October 21st? Rumors are that it's a MMO sequel to Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, the "everyone is a Jedi" video game/novel/comic series from a few years back. Such a sequel has been expected since July, when an executive from EA, Bioware's parent company, accidentally told Conde Nast Portfolio that the company was working on an MMORPG for Lucas. [Digital Spy]

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Sooner or later the gaming industry is going to wake up and realize that the big problem behind making MMO's is that the investment involved really only means that one can dominate at any given time and even if upkeep on them isn't bad, the initial investment in making an MMO is much much MUCH higher than a normal game and thus takes a long time to recoup initial costs unless wildly successful.

In the mean time, yet another decent Star Wars games franchise goes pfft.

Sorry, just bitter since Tie Fighter. Screw you Lucas Arts. Screw you.