Lost Girl gives us the big windup before the season finale, as Hale’s inauguration turns into the inciting incident for a full-scale race war.

This season of Lost Girl has been desultory. It’s lacked focus and never found the fun Scooby Gang dynamic that made it such a cheap thrill for the first two seasons. This episode wasn’t really a return to form, but it had drama and tension and a galloping pace that was a welcome relief from the bromidic walk-throughs of the last few weeks.


Lauren is hard at work at Generic Science Lab, LLC, doing sciencey science stuff like looking into microscopes and exclaiming, “It worked!” She’s ostensibly curing heart disease, but there’s a mystery magic enzyme involved, and someone with a gun steals some of Lauren’s serum, so you know something shady is going on.

Lauren’s science buddy Isaac relates the story of the enzyme and how it comes from a serial killer named Gabriel who murders good people so they can “ascend.” Gabriel’s bone marrow converts transplant recipients into new Gabriels. There’s some foreshadowing when Lauren looks at the enzyme under a microscope and sees something that makes her make a horrified face. What exactly would she see there? Little crucifix-shaped microbes?


So now we have an Isaac and a Gabriel, so it’s pretty clear that Judeo-Christian mythology is being introduced into the Lost Girl mythos. At first I was thinking this would be a little awkward if they used it as simply another batch of folklore that’s part of the fae world. That would be cool, actually, but as we’ll learn soon enough, something bigger is going on here.

Back at the Dal, preparations are underway for Hale’s inauguration as full-time Ash (he’s just been the interim Ash until now, but the light fae prefer to hire from within the organization, so he got the gig). Kenzi asks what we’ve all been wondering about Hale: “Is he not gonna be such a dick anymore?”

Then the Morrigan shows up (“Are all light fae inaugurations held in a steak house?”), and reveals that Hale invited her.


“Nope. Still a dick.”

Bo is taking a bath at her place when drunk Tamsin shows up. Girl is having a really hard time dealing with her feelings for Bo and her mission to take Bo out. “So…what up, succubusssss?” Fully clothed Tamsin hops into the bath with Bo for the most Valkubus scene ever. Shippers Ahoy! Tamsin is really, really into Bo. Also, Tamsin's boobs on Bo's knees. Don't try and pretend you didn't notice.

Kenzi meets a fae guy named Massimo who basically does stupid pick-up artist techniques with her. But this is the Kenz. “Tell me, your name isn’t Dickface, King of the Douchebags, is it?” He offers to make the impossible happen, and hammers away at Kenzi’s insecurities about being a human among the fae. By the way, the only real-world analog to Massimo I can find is a really old noble family that traces their lineage back to ancient Rome. We later learn that Massimo is “the druid” that’s been working with Tamsin, and that the kiss he steals from Kenzi is the last ingredient for their little anti-Bo potion.


Meanwhile, the shadiest bartender in the world (seriously, no one noticed how nervous and awkward this guy was?) drugs Dyson with what turns out to be Lauren’s magic serum. There’s this super bizarre scene where some human paramedics show up to take him away, Bo realizes they aren’t fae, and they draw guns. Then Kenzi jumps in, Bo tackles her and Kenzi randomly loses consciousness for no apparent reason. Meanwhile the humans kidnap Dyson by dragging him out the door and into their van so insanely fast that it happens during a jump cut. That whole scene was shot and edited terribly.

Bo and Tamsin team up to track down Dyson, who has been stuck in a giant cage where his shirt immediately falls off, and he’s forced to wrestle another shirtless dude in a scene that I suspect was very popular among a certain segment of the audience (hetero women/gay men/wrestling fans).


Back at the Dal, the Morrigan has turned the attack by humans to her advantage. She and Hale have been sparring all night (anyone else notice a bit of a spark between them?), but now she calls for a vote of no confidence, revealing that the poison used on Dyson is linked to Hale’s pet human, Lauren. She then declares all humans terrorists, and yells a bunch of stuff about fae being the one true race. It’s nice to see the leader of the dark fae actually being dark. Nazi fae!

So now the fae have declared a race war against humans, but it gets worse. Seems the Morrigan’s claims of humans being terrorists are based on a grain of truth. Lauren’s buddy Isaac seems to be leading a group of anti-fae human terrorists. Everything connects in a way that actually makes sense, which isn’t always a given on Lost Girl. It also ties in to the 18 dead fae that Dyson and Tamsin found last week. That’s the work of Isaac’s group too. And if Isaac’s group is connected to the whole Judeo-Christian thing, we could actually see fae versus angels. Epic.

Isaac’s sudden turn to a cackling evil villain was pretty hilarious, but otherwise, this sets up a very interesting situation for Bo. This isn’t just her light/dark neutrality being tested. She has deep loyalties to humans, but many fae friends as well. I complained earlier this season that one of Bo’s original defining characteristics, her defense of humans against fae arrogance, had been lost. Good to see it driving a major plot line.


Speaking of complications, Hale orders Kenzi out for her own safety. Kenzi again says what we’ve all been saying: “I thought we were all friends.” Then Hale makes his big reveal. “We were not friends.” Uh oh, sounds cold. “You were never just a friend.” Cue hearts melting. As he cuffs her and sends her away, Hale steals a kiss and slips something into Kenzi’s pocket.

Back at Isaac’s prison, Lauren is very apologetic, and Dyson tells her, “This is why you can’t leave the fae, Lauren. Because you’re a simpering idiot.” He didn’t say that last part out loud, but he said it with his eyes. Trust me on this. Bo’s mom, Aife is in the prison, too (poor woman has spent a lot of time in weird prisons), and Trick gets kidnapped.

That is a lot of plot to tie up for the season finale, but I’m 500 percent more excited about it now than I was last week.


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