Is Lost Fantasy Or Science Fiction?

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Lost doesn't just defy comprehension, it defies genres as well. We've been hotly debating among ourselves whether it's a science fiction show, or whether everything that happens is just magic. Like the spooky Jacob's Cabin, not to mention Locke's spine. But then there's the Dharma Initiative, and hints that something sciencey is going on as well. Obviously, we won't know until the final episode whether everything will turn out to have (pseudo)science behind it. But we can still speculate. Click through to vote on whether Lost is bringing the magic or the science.


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It's clearly both science and fantasy, as that is the clear central theme of the show. Locke vs. Jack, Science vs. Religion. I don't mean to imply that all religion is fantasy, but they both rely on faith and the unseen. I think the main conflict will end up being something in that vein. We know that the original Dharma group was trying to better humanity through science when Ben, urged on by the natives, killed them all. This, and the fact that the natives don't age, lead me to believe that they are Gods a'la "American Gods". The island is their home and they were at odds with those humans who were trying to challenge their power. Jacob, I believe is the intersection of science and religion, perhaps God, without whom many believe you would have neither. This could also be why the new group is so troubling because they all seem to work in both realms, that middle ground of parapsychology and ghost hunting. That being said, I still have no flippin clue why the plane crashed and why they are all on the island, and what the smoke monster is.

Ah, that felt good to get out.