Is Journeyman Heading For Asgard?

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The movie version of Marvel's Norse God Thor is starting to take on a particularly British feel. Not only is Kenneth Branagh directing 2010's proto-blockbuster, but Journeyman's Kevin McKidd is in talks to wear the long, golden locks.


McKidd told IGN that "there's been a lot of back and forth" with Marvel about his taking on the role of the Thunder God in both his upcoming solo movie and 2011's Avengers project, as well as confirming that Branagh will be directing Thor, something that Marvel has not officially confirmed.

Rome and Trainspotting veteran McKidd isn't the first actor to have mentioned being offered the role; James Bond Daniel Craig has previously talked about turning down the part due to his Bond duties.


McKidd Talks Thor [IGN]

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I just keep chanting Kenneth Branagh's name over and over again to make myself feel better about this movie.