Is it wrong that the wacky deaths in Final Destination 5 trailer fill us with joy?

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Nothing brightens your day better than a Rube Goldbergian death-trap. Especially when it's being constructed by the ridiculous franchise that is the Final Destination films. So watch the latest trailer for Final Destination 5, and laugh yourself to death!


Question. If a kid on a bridge KNOWS the bridge is going to blow up in advance, in today's world, doesn't that mean we lock him away in the county lockup? Just sayin'. And sure enough that seems like what Courtney B. Vance is getting at in this clip, but not nearly hard enough. We want to see Final Destination, Prison Days. Alas, it looks like this time around we'll just have to be satisfied by death by acupuncture needle (and no, we're not even sure how that's possible).

Final Destination 5 opens in theaters (in 3D) on August 12.


John Hazard

Silly Rube Golberg-esque deaths are what Fizzle Destinizzle is all about!

I think the idea that death, or life, or fate or destiny has some sort of "plan" for people, and can manipulate things in order to make that plan happen is an incredibly stupid idea which a lot of people believe, and screen writers use it as a crutch for weak writing all the time (Star Trek 2009). The FD movies act almost as fantastic spoofs of that idea.

BTW A horrible laser eye surgery accident is a brilliant idea. I've had the surgery, and just describing it to people makes them cringe.