Is Israel One Of The World's Most Science Fictional Nations?

In H+ Magazine, author Hank Hyena has a fascinating essay about Israel's contributions to futurism. He calls the nation "transhumanist," and makes a pretty good case for its status as a region that's turning scifi into real science.

Hyena writes:

Israel has been described as "the birthplace of science fiction." For chariots in the sky, eco-cataclysms, invisible voices, and other paranormality, check out the Torah. Want a hero traveling through space, searching for the secrets of creation? Examine the apocryphal books of Enoch, circa 300 B.C. In contemporary Israel, "political science fiction" dominates the genre, with the vast majority of successful books using the homeland as a setting. A utopian-intended society tottering on the edge of annihilation is obviously ideal for SF. A partial list of important authors would include Pesakh Amnuel, David Avidan, Dan Zalka, Etgar Keret, Orly Castel-Bloom, Gail Hareven, and Addy Zemach.


It's definitely worth reading the whole article, which is largely about Israel's contributions to technology and science innovation.

via H+ Mag

Image of Tel Aviv via torenos.


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