Is Heroes Part Of A Dying Genre On NBC?

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NBC is already talking about their fall schedule for next year, with two shows already renewed, and another "very secure". That last one is Heroes, but things don't look so good for Knight Rider, apparently.


Talking at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Angela Bromstad - NBC's President of Primetime Entertainment - told reporters that the network's troubled superhero soap opera's future was "very secure" despite falling ratings:

We have a great relationship with Tim Kring ... what’s important is we never lose sight of being responsible in production. And television is about the characters and the writing, and we want to make sure that that show is on track. But very secure. I think that what Tim is interested in doing is getting back to the core of the show and that it's these ordinary people with extraordinary powers and that they may have taken on too much in terms of characters and multiple storylines.

However, it may be worth noting that NBC - never the most genre-friendly network - may only have Heroes in their SF stable come fall; while both 30Rock and The Office have already been renewed for next year and Heroes is safe, Knight Rider was defined as a show that "may not be back next year" by Bromstad. If cancelled, the show follows on from the one-season failures of Bionic Woman, Journeyman and My Own Worst Enemy to show that the peacock network isn't, apparently, the place to go for science fiction in future. If Chuck goes - although that may be a stretch at this point, considering okay ratings and positive statements from the network about the series - then Heroes may find itself very lonely indeed...

Heroes safe (for now) [THR Live Feed]


My appointment viewing on NBC:

1) Heroes

2) My Name is Earl

People keep telling me I'm missing out by not watching The Office, and perhaps I will watch it some day, but as long as those two shows stay around, (even though I may stop watching Heroes before that) NBC will still be okay in my book.