Is Harrison Ford holding Han Solo hostage in exchange for Indy 5?

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Director Gavin Hood explains why he sent the stars of Ender's Game to Space Camp. A ton of Christopher Eccleston material was left on Thor 2's cutting room floor. And Sigourney Weaver takes on another sci-fi role in Niell Blomkamp's Chappie. Plus, new X-Men photos featuring Peter Dinklage's awesome 70s 'stache. Spoilers now!

Star Wars

Let's have some more anonymously-sourced rumors for Star Wars. Jedi News has a source that says that Harrison Ford's going to be signing on for a multi-film deal (which will include Episode VII) since he's happy with the proposed development of his character. [The]


Building on that, it seems like the other thing Ford wanted before committing to Star Wars was a reciprocal commitment to making Indiana Jones 5. The same rumor says he didn't get a full promise to make IJ5, but he did get them to promise an outline by the end of 2014 and, if all parties like it, that Indiana Jones 5 would be released before the end of 2016. This actually gels pretty well with Ford's previous statements that he's fully on board playing Indy again, plus his apparent reluctance to commit to Star Wars. [Slashfilm]

Ender's Game

In an interview, director Gavin Hood described all the work and training the child actors did to prepare for their roles:

The producers gave us the time to send the kids both to physical training –we sent them to a space camp where they worked with astronauts and they learned about zero gravity and they worked in all the machines that simulate zero gravity- and then we also had them with military training instructors who taught them to march and salute, and do millions of pushups. We literally put them in their dormitories and their parents had to take their cell phones and all go away and some of the moms said “my son’s twelve!” It’s okay. He’ll be fine.

They would do that kind of thing in the morning, and work with stunt coordinators on aerial work on wires, and they worked with Cirque du Soleil people, I mean it was a fantastic time. But they worked really hard: got up early in the morning, we literally had school. And in addition to all that, they still had normal school. They had an intense program. They would rehearse with me in the afternoons, and I would pick certain scenes and certain actors, and we’d rehearse without the adults. The point is, by the time they got to set, and stepped in front of Harrison Ford, and Sir Ben Kingsley, and Viola Davis [there was] a wonderful, perfectly useful bit of intimidation feeling that was useful to exploit, because that’s the dynamic of Ender and Colonel Graff. The way Asa Butterfield felt facing off against Harrison Ford on day one, was just wonderful; it’s exactly what Ender is supposed to feel. But the point is that the preparation, and the rehearsal, and the training meant that when we were working with those senior actors, the younger actors were fully prepared, knew their lines, had discussed, and asked as many questions as they wanted about the themes, the purpose of the scene, the subtext that I was looking for, and they could really focus on the interaction.

They could take the focus off themselves, and focus on what the senior actors were throwing at them, which is always what I try to do with young actors. If you’re nervous, stop worrying about what you’re doing, watch that other actor, because acting is about reacting: you can’t react, unless you’re open to what’s coming at you. Having them well prepped meant that they could focus, because there’s nothing worse than an actor that’s not prepared, who’s floundering for a line, they’re not in the scene, they’re looking for their lines. I don’t want that, I’m quite strict about that: know your lines perfectly, so that we can focus on the emotion. And they deliver.


Tons more at the link. [We Got This Covered]

Thor: The Dark World

In what may explain the general consensus among early reviewers that Malekith's a thin villain, Christopher Eccleston revealed that while his goal was to create a more nuanced villain in Malekith, many scenes are missing from the final film:

That's certainly what myself and Alan [Taylor] were after. We worked closely, and we said we didn't just want a cackling fiend. And it's really for the audience to decide whether we achieved that. I certainly hope so. It's important to understand that the script that the audience ends up seeing is not necessarily the script that you shoot. There is more footage, and for whatever reason scenes were lost, and the emphasis was changed.


[Den of Geek]

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer answered fan questions on Twitter, saying that this movie is going to be all about the cast and their characters, as well as letting us know that's he's a little ahead of schedule:

#AskSinger #XMen was it challenging working with such a big varying cast?
Singer: .@lawrencer_ I was real comfortable with the original cast and knew the #FirstClass cast as a writer/producer but not yet as a director. With the exception of @NicholasHoult of course — but they were all fantastic and made the experience fun.

How does this movie make itself new and fresh, while still keeping the traditional feeling we all loved from the previous movies?#AskSinger
Singer: .@pluckthestrings It's all in the cast. They are great actors who know their characters - who know how to bring them to life.

Mystique has been a fun character to see in the movies. What can we expect to see from her in DOFP #ASKSINGER #XMEN
Singer: .@irturner She's a much more hardened kick-ass character than she was in #FirstClass.

"What scene are you editing right now?" —From Kevin Lieu on Facebook
Singer: I'm tinkering with a piece in the opening that helps set up the story - but I'm in a good place with the cut. A bit ahead of schedule

“Mr. Singer, how would you characterize the tone and style of ‘Days of Future Past’?” —from Ben Ferguson on FB
Singer: Although there is a great deal of humor, the overall tone is a bit darker than previous films, particularly because of the stakes.

How many new x men characters are in the new film #XMen #AskSinger!
Singer: .@Jason_Payton82 A lot — Blink, Bishop, Sunspot, Warpath, Ink, Quicksilver, etc.


More at the link. [Coming Soon]

Entertainment Weekly has a ton of shots of characters in their 1970s wear, plus Magneto and Professor X in their future garb. Go here for the complete gallery. [Film School Rejects]



Neill Blomkamp's latest science fiction feature about a robot who was kidnapped by two criminals and becomes the adopted son in their strange family has added Sigourney Weaver to its cast in an as-yet unrevealed role. [First Showing]



Here are set photos from the set of Maggie, which has Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a father whose daughter is infected with the zombie virus. [Expendables Premiere]


Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Go here to see all the new licensing artwork that shows new versions of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and the Dinobot named Grimlock. [Giant Freakin Robot]


Plus, there's more set photos from Hong Kong here. [Transformer World]


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Go here for a complete set of covers from Empire's The Hobbit edition. A few are below, as well as two new TV spots. [First Showing]


Doctor Who

In the latest issue of Sci Fi Now, Matt Smith and David Tennant discuss what it's like to both be on set:

Smith: I think having the meeting of Doctors sort of sprinkles a bit of fairy dust on it, you know? Even for the crew and everyone, just seeing the costumes next to each other, seeing the Converse and the bow's kind of cool.

Tennant: You don't know quite how you're going to feel about it. And you never know entirely if it's wise to go back to anything. But with Doctor Who there has always been the precedent, so I guess it was always there as a possibility. It's not like I'm doing a season, it's very much a lovely thing to revisit for a handful of filming days, and something that I still feel very fondly about. I had a very wonderful, happy time here, so it's no great trial to have another wee go.


[Tennant News]

Once Upon a Time

Colin O'Donoghue explained that a lot happened to Hook between his beginnings as a pirate, which we saw on Sunday, and the Hook we know:

He's had 300 or so odd years of living with hatred and all that kind of stuff, and now he's desperately trying to figure out if he wants to let go of that or not. Which is an incredibly difficult thing to do, when that's been the only driving force that you've had for so long. So, you see a man who has a massive internal struggle. I definitely think there's a side of him that wants to do the right thing, but within the confines of being Captain Hook, and a pirate, and being quite out for himself. That's kind of where he's at, at the moment


[K Site TV]

He also explained that there's a weird dynamic between Neal and Hook, which'll impact the love triangle:

Even though now technically they seem to be about the same age, Hook is old enough to kind of be his father figure, and I think an element of him still sees Neal as that little boy.


[E! Online]

We're also not likely to see another kiss between Emma and Hook, according to O'Donoghue. And Morrison confirms that Neal's going to learn about that moment, but not in any way you'd expect:

There is a point at which Emma’s truth about both Neal and Hook have to be made public. You can imagine a million ways in which it will happen, and you will not imagine the way it will happen.


[Entertainment Weekly]

TV Guide also visited the set of Neverland, explaining that the whole thing is shot on a soundstage, with pieces shifted around to create different looking parts of the forest. Josh Dallas, who plays Charming, also hinted at how this plot will keep going, even after they leave the island:

[T]he island may end up coming home with us in some way

[TV Guide]

Here's the promo for episode 3.06, "Ariel."

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Here's the description of episode five, "Heart of Stone":

“Heart of Stone” – In a flashback, Will Scarlet and Anastasia jump through the looking glass to enter Wonderland against her mother’s wishes, since she disapproves of Will. They both soon realize that life in Wonderland isn’t exactly what they had both imagined. After being humiliated while attending a ball at the palace, Ana convinces Will to steal the crown jewels in order to get them out of poverty, but in an instant, Ana is caught red handed by the King who makes her a proposition she can’t refuse – to marry him and be his Queen to avoid prosecution. Meanwhile, in current Wonderland, the Red Queen convinces Alice to help her acquire magic dust in exchange for information about Cyrus, who in turn has managed to skillfully escape Jafar’s castle leaving the White Rabbit in a compromising situation.




According to Zap2It's interview with star David Giuntoli and showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, we're going to have to wait til the end of the season for everything. Although we will see Adalind have her baby and see the return of Nick's mother, neither will be coming soon. Eric Renard's out for the time being, as James Frain's on Sleepy Hollow, but, according to Greenwalt:

You never know on our show. But we've got a great guy, Alexis Denisof, coming in to take that role.


Also coming later this season: Rosalee and Monroe will get serious, but they'll be haunted by the fact that they're different kinds of Wesen; mermaid; El Cucuy; exorcism and possession; alligators in the sewers; and a "happy Santa episode" described by Giuntoli as a "Christmas episode for the ages." [Zap2It]

Nine: Nine Time Travels

Yunjin Kim, formerly of Lost, is producing an adaptation of a Korean series about a man who travels back in time 20 years to change a murder, but ends up threatening his love and his life. ABC Studios, Josh Schwartz, and Stephanie Savage’s Fake Empire are all on board to develop the project. [Deadline]



By the end of tonight's episode, we will learn the extent of Miranda's supernatural skill, says Nicole Dale Anderson:

There is a supernatural element. I can't say specifically what it is in relation to, but in episode 2, everyone will find out her connection to the supernatural realm.


[E! Online]

While there's a plan in place to bring the character Hanna from Pretty Little Liars to Ravenswood, there's also no commitment to keeping Caleb and Hanna together. According to Marlene King:

There’s nothing set in stone that says that anybody has to be in a relationship with anyone else...

I think as we’re getting to know the characters; they’re leading the way as to where we go with these relationships. The same goes for Hanna on PLL (Pretty Little Liars) — there’s a new character who becomes a part of her life while Caleb is in Ravenswood and we are letting those characters sort of pave the way and decide if there’s going to be a relationship there or not.

On there not being a Miranda-Hanna feud: We try not to do that on PLL and we’ll try not to do that on Ravenswood — we like girls to support girls. It’s sort of the cardinal rule — no PLL ever touches another PLL boyfriend, or girlfriend, in Emily’s case.


[Entertainment Weekly]


Tonight's episode, "Slumber Party," has a lot going on, according to Jared Padalecki:

We find out that Dorothy’s been trapped in the Men of Letters bunker for a long, long time. Accidentally, she’s set free, but so is the witch [played by Maya Massar, Caprica]. So we have them running around our bunker. We have to employ the help of the coolest computer nerd we know to help us figure out what happened. Enter Charlie, who’s awesome. That was a really fun episode.

Dean tries to battle with the fact that there’s an actual Wizard of Oz and Dorothy. He gets someone to play off because there are parts where [the four of us] have to split up. Dean and Charlie head one way, and Dorothy and I head another way. We also get to see into Sam’s psyche a little bit. He opens up to Dorothy in ways he wouldn’t have opened up to Dean or Charlie or Crowley or Kevin or Cas. He gets to tell her things [because] he knows she’s not going to be around the next week.


[TV Line]

Padalecki also tweeted this short trailer for "Slumber Party," with an alternate title and a "shout out to the fans." [SpoilerTV]

Almost Human

Fox has released a character bio of Valerie Stahl, in whichMinka Kelly explains how her character fits in Almost Human's near-future world.

Agents of SHIELD

Here's the press release for episode seven, "The Hub":

“The Hub” – Dangerous secrets are being kept from Coulson’s team and he works the system to save Ward and Fitz when they are sent on a Level 8 classified mission that may end in tragedy. Guest starring are Maximiliano Hernandez as Agent Sitwell, Charles Halford as Agent Shaw, Alison White as Marta and Ilia Volok as Vladimir.

”The Hub” was written by Rafe Judkins & Lauren LeFranc and directed by Bobby Roth.



The Walking Dead

Here's a whole bunch of previews and promo photos for episode 4.40, "Indifference." [Spoiler TV]


Tomorrow People

An early preview of this week's episode, "Kill or Be Killed," reveals that it's going to be a John-centric episode, with major events happening in the present and in flashbacks. We've also got the Tomorrow People AND Ultra fighting the same threat: Killian McCrane, a Tomorrow Person who can kill, and who has a history with John. [SpoilerTV]


We're also going to learn, via flashback, why John hates Jedikah. According to Peyton List:

There's a lot of history, a lot of drama there. But throughout the first season, we keep flashing back to that relationship, and that's very exciting. It's not just, oh this is what it was, and this is where they stand. It's like, no this happened over years, and years, and years, so there's a lot to play with. There's a lot there that the both of them get to sort of figure out. It's good.


[E! Online]


Here's the synopsis of episode 5.03:

Abby is convinced she has finally met her soulmate in Laura until childhood memories return to haunt her, unleashing a terrifying force.

Finn is in an awkward position when it becomes clear that Greg, the probation worker, has a crush on him. And, searching for the mysterious superhero on his woolly jumper, Rudy's alter-ego meets Sam.




Here's the official description of episode 2.08, "Come Blow Your Horn":

AARON’S DEATHLY EXPERIENCE CATCHES PEOPLE’S ATTENTION – As Miles (Billy Burke) and the gang try to escape the perils of their current situation, Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Gene (Stephen Collins) continue to struggle with their relationship, which affects Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos). Meanwhile, Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) takes a gamble with the Patriots.


[Sci Fi Scream]

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