Is Grant Morrison Writing The Fastest Movie Alive?

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MTV's Splash Page blog may have accidentally discovered the writer of the much-rumored movie based on DC Comics' speedster hero The Flash - During an interview with comic writer (and the man behind DC's current Batman RIP and Final Crisis mega-storylines) Grant Morrison, an innocent question about the rumored movie got Morrison giving the kind of non-answer that definitely makes it sound like there's more going on than a regular "No Comment"...Asked by MTV's Jennifer Vineyard about the on-again-off-again movie that would bring DC's Fastest Man Alive to the big screen, Morrison - who brought the 1960s version of the character back to life in Final Crisis - suddenly got surprisingly cagey:

Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I can’t talk about... Yes, I have talked to them. I’m deeply involved in those discussions. I know what’s going down with all of that, and it’s actually really exciting. But beyond that, I can’t say anything. I wish I could tell you. I’m sure announcements will probably be made at some point, but I can’t say anything.


Someone should explain to Morrison that "not saying anything" generally involves not telling people that you're "deeply involved in discussions" or that "announcements will probably be made at some point," but we have to admit - We're even more excited about a possible Flash movie now that we know that Morrison may be involved. After all, any man who thinks that the cover below is one of the greatest comic covers of all time is clearly a man of taste.

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What Does Grant Morrison Have To Do With A ‘Flash’ Movie? He’s Not Telling…Yet [Splash Page]

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Flash? Has DC learned nothing?

Three Step plan to revamping the Superman Movie Franchise:

1. Find Grant Morrison.

2. Drop a check on his desk so large it sounds like a phone book landing for him to be writer/producer of the new Superman film.

3. There is no step 3.