Is George Miller's Justice League Officially Dead?

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Reports are hitting the web that director George Miller is no longer attached to Warner Bros' planned Justice League movie, owing to a change of direction that'll make the movie into a bigger-name rival to Marvel's Avengers. Could it be true?


What's making us curious about the validity of the news is that all of the reports we've seen are crediting website Dark Horizons with the scoop - and linking to a story that has nothing to do with Miller whatsoever. In fact, at time of writing, the news story seems to have disappeared off Dark Horizon's site altogether.

Does this mean that it's untrue, and Miller didn't announce that he was off the movie because Warners wanted "bigger stars in their superhero movies now"? Not necessarily - but the sudden disappearance of the story seems more than a little bit unusual... and leaves the story without a source (The official website of Sunrise, the show that Miller apparently made the announcement doesn't seem to mention it, but it may just be in need of updating).

If the news is true, then it wouldn't be surprising - Warner Bros. have been known to be reapproaching their superhero franchises in the light of The Dark Knight's success, so trying to make a bigger deal of Justice League wouldn't be an unexpected move. We'll just wait to see if Miller actually said it or not before wondering whether the movie has become any more likely or not.



Not gonna lie here but I'm terrified to see how Justice League and Avengers turn out... too many style differences within the characters for any director to face. Who's the main character? Multi point of view would be too long and confusing. Plus there's way too many bright colors...

I just hope that there's a lot of conflict between Batman and Superman. In fact I hope they hate each other at the end of this movie. Maybe set up for a Batman vs. Superman.