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We've been reporting the Futuama, "it ain't over till Dr. Zoidberg sings" rumors for months now. An update has finally leaked out, and it sounds like our prayers for original and funny television have been answered.


When we last interviewed co-creator David X. Cohen, he showed had high hopes thatFuturama would get picked back up, after it's long DVD movie hiatus. In fact, he believed this so much he even discussed what the writers had in mind for the Planet Express crew.

Collider is now reporting from their inside source that Futurama will be back on Comedy Central with 13 new episodes.

If true — and I see no real reason why it wouldn't be, since the cast and crew have been hinting at this happening for months — it's a good thing. We need smart new cartoons on TV, and Cohen and crew know how to do just that. All glory to the Hypno Toad.

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