Is Fringe's Alternate Universe The Same Earth As I Am Legend?

The citizens of Fringe's alternate universe could have bigger problems to cope with than just whatever William Bell has cooked up. They may have a plague-zombie outbreak on their hands, if an alternate-universe movie marquee is any indication.

Or at least, the same movie is showing in both the I Am Legend-verse and Fringe's alt-universe: Superman Vs. Batman, a movie that never quite got off the ground in "our" world. The Superman/Batman smackdown film is apparently a hot new release in "Walternate"'s world, judging from CinemaSpy's new set pics.


Could it be a clue to the zombie-tastic future of Over There? Or just an in-joke on the part of Akiva Goldsman, who's worked on both Fringe and I Am Legend, and was involved with the doomed Superman Vs. Batman project? Only time will tell. Just watch out if William Bell starts talking about his new plan to use a virus to cure cancer. Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff. More pics and stuff at the link. [CinemaSpy]

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