Is Fourth Realm Author Actually Stephen King or Michael Chabon?

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Now that John Twelve Hawks' Fourth Realm trilogy is getting a screen treatment from Watchmen's Alex Tse, folks are becoming curious about the identity of the books' author, the elusive John Twelve Hawks.


Twelve Hawks lives, by his own approximation, "off the grid." Twelve Hawks (which is a psuedonym) has never been seen live, will only communicate with his publisher over an untraceable number using a voice changer, and sends stand-in representatives to his book tours. His Wikipedia page is as spartan as they get.


Naturally, this has led to speculation over Twelve Hawks' true identity - past suspects have included Stephen King and Michael Chabon, and the NY Post has posited that Twelve Hawks is James Frey, the one-time Oprah favorite/famously discredited author of A Million Little Pieces. Frey's name has been bandied around as he was recently unmasked as Pittacus Lore, author of the I Am Number Four alien series that he penned with Jobie Hughes. Frey will not confirm or deny whether he is Twelve Hawks.

[via NYMag]

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Neither Chabon or King suck rubber donkey lung, so that leaves them out.

I posit that Twelve Hawks' is really Tim Powers' sinister haploid doppelganger from a parallel reality.