Is FlashForward getting a new future on Starz?

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Flashorward may have been canceled, but that doesn't mean this show is dead... yet. A devoted army of fans won't let it die, and they're reporting that Starz is interested in bringing it back on their cable channel.


SAVE FLASHFORWARD!, a show fan page on Facebook, hellbent on bringing back the TV series, has done everything to save the trippy show, including staging black-outs in front of ABC's offices.

A commenter on the group stated this:

"I just called Starz," one fan recently posted on the group, "and the rep told me that they are aggressively seeking the license for FlashForward."


Which prompted the moderator to chime in that: "[Stephen] McPherson [president of ABC Entertainment Group] is allegedly softening."

Wishful thinking or actual possibility? Who can tell at this point, but good on you, FF fans. Meanwhile Party Down is still canceled.

[via TVOvermind]

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