We caught up with beloved horror director and writer Eli "Hostel" Roth to grill him about his super-secret scifi PG-13 project Endangered Species. Will there be a monster, a message? And who does he want in it?

We grabbed Eli at the Syfy Entertainment Weekly party and hounded him for more answers. He hopes to have Endangered Species out in the spring of 2011. We were happily surprised to hear that he's writing parts for actors he knows - he listed an amazing dream cast of Josh Brolin and Brad Pitt. Yes, we'd see that movie.

He said:

There are certain people that I really want to work. But we'll see. I'm writing the parts with certain people in mind and we'll see if they do it.. Well there's this guy Brad I just worked with, it would be wonderful to work with him again. Josh Brolin I'd love to work with him. Big fan of Josh and we each other's work and have been looking for something to do together. I like to write parts for the people I like and see if they're available.


Interview by Charlie Jane and Meredith Woerner (that's me on the end).