Is Edgar Wright adding more than one Ant-Man to his film?

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Katee Sackhoff wants to play anything in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars. The Paranormal Activity franchise has a plan that's dependent on a bunch more films getting made. And Michael Ealy explains why he hopes Almost Human never addresses race. Plus, photos from the first episodes of The 100, Helix, and Star-Crossed. Spoilers now!

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Edgar Wright posted a single image from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and simply captioned it "Homework." The screencap is from the episode "To Steal an Ant-Man," based on "Marvel Premiere #47." Both of which feature future Ant-Man Scott Lang stealing Hank Pym's equipment and using it to commit crimes. This, combined with Wright's earlier comments that his idea for the film included both Hank Pym and Scott Lang and Marvel's Kevin Feige saying that it'll be a "heist" story, has led Coming Soon to wonder if Paul Rudd will actually be playing Scott Lang, rather than Hank Pym. [Coming Soon]


Star Wars

Katee Sackhoff seems to be actively campaigning for a part in the next Star Wars movie, saying:

If J.J. would listen, I would play a rock in the Star Wars movies. I think that they're fantastic, I think that he's a great choice, and I'm excited to see what happens in that world.

[Total Film]


In the same interview, Sackhoff also said that she thinks her character, Dahl, is spinoff-ready:

Do you ever see your character getting a spin-off?

Absolutely, I love Dahl and I think she has a lot more to say. I think there's opportunity there to build off of what we've created for her.

Is that something that's a pipe dream, or is something you're actively pursuing?

Not actively pursuing, no, just because there are so many other things that are requiring my attention right now, but it has been broached, so it's something that... maybe not necessarily a movie but it's been brought up.

And Dahl didn't die, so her coming back in extra installments is more of a likelihood.


[Total Film]

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones writer and director Christopher Landon says that there's a plan developed for the film series, and that the ending for it all is further away than October's Paranormal Activity 5:

We've always been looking ahead. I'll say this much. There is a very specific end goal and I'm hoping we have enough time in the franchise to get there. We have a really big idea that's at the finish line but we need time to get there. So we're hoping the fans keep coming back and allow us to get them there.


While he won't give details of the plan, he did describe how it was created, telling Slashfilm:

The beginning of that started in Oren's movie. I don't think Oren realized it then, because when he made the first movie it felt like a stand alone movie, but then when we started making 2 and we started to see the potential and possibility there for a franchise, that's when the real think tank element came in to play and we really started to throw out crazy ideas. Then, over the course of the last couple movies, we came to a really good, interesting place.



Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

A photo of Transformer bobbleheads has surfaced from Instagram member popwars. The photo shows Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, and Drift. If these are part of the merchandise of the film, as suggested by popwars, then we can add Drift to the list of appearing Transformers. If they incorporate his backstory, then Drift will be a former-Decepticon-turned-Autobot that isn't trusted by the good guys, due to his past. [Tformers via Fashion & Style]


Legend of Hercules

Here's a new trailer. [via Coming Soon]

The LEGO Movie

Here are a pair of character posters. The first features a Batman closeup and the second a Superman one. [Coming Soon and Sci Fi Now]


Almost Human

According to star Karl Urban, the rest of the season will continue to see an evolution in Kennex and Dorian's relationship. He also explained that the show is meant to be fun, saying:

We know ideally the type of show that we want to be delivering on a consistent basis. It's got to be a fun show. We want the audience to have fun with the show. It's got to have great humor. And it has to have an element in it that has depth and meaning and makes you feel. And I would cite the episode called "Skin" as a good example because it was just a wonderful balance of all those things. And I believe if we can deliver that on a consistent basis, then we are succeeding in what we're trying to achieve.


His co-star Michael Ealy also pointed to "Skin" as an episode which sets up the rest of the show, but he's looking at how Dorian will change:

I think, because Dorian operates from a place of free will and he can learn certain behaviors and then react and act accordingly. What I don't want to lose on the 110th episode is I want him to still be learning. I just think it's important that, every episode, he learns, at minimum, one or two things. It's what makes him him. It's what makes him, to me, interesting in a lot of ways because, yes, there's some things that he can do physically that are superior to the human race, but he was designed to do that. But he was also designed to learn. He was also designed to watch and observe and pick up on what he sees and make decisions according based on that." He continued, "I never thought that Dorian would have perhaps a sexual connection. And after we did "Skin" and he got close to the other droid, he didn't quite know how to deal with what she was saying to him. That's something Dorian is going to have to rectify one day. So you'll see that in another episode, where he comes to terms with death and what it means and saying goodbye to someone. But it was also just a glimpse into the possibility of him connecting with another droid, another person, whatever it is, that could actually go beyond the realm of just "I know you." It could go into "I care about you." And that, to me, is fascinating.


Ealy also says that he doesn't want the show to discuss race, since he hopes that in 2048, humanity is "beyond that." He also opined that it would mean that Dorian's being seen as a person rather than a machine:

And I know that if Dorian were white, no one would ever say, "Let's talk about race on the show." But because he's black, someone is going to say, "Well, when are they going to address it? He's being played by a black actor. When are they going to address race?" And we had this conversation back and forth. And I was like, "I hope we don't ever address it because I think by not addressing it, we're addressing it." If you look at Dorian and you see a black man, you're not seeing the machine. You're seeing a human.


[TV Equals]

Teen Wolf

Arden Cho, who plays the recurring character of Kira, tried to nail down what her character knows and doesn't know about Beacon Hills:

When we first meet Kira, she's not exactly welcomed with open arms. Is it going to take a little while for everyone to warm up to her?

She's a little quirky (laughs). She doesn't mean any harm and she doesn't mean to be rude and butt in, but I think she's just excited. She's very curious and she wants to fit it. And sometimes people aren't really ready for that.

Especially with all the supernatural craziness going on in Beacon Hills.

Exactly. Unfortunately, Kira just has no idea what's really happening in Beacon Hills.

She seems very smart though. Should we keep our eye on her? Does she know more than she's letting on?

Kira definitely has interest in a lot of the Asian mythology and is interested in what she hears the gang talking about, but she doesn't really know. She knows what she knows from reading books and doing research, but when it comes down to it, what the guys are going through, she has no idea. It's going to be very interesting and scary for her.


More at the link. [Just Jared Jr.]


Here's an interview with Josh Holloway, Meghan Ory, and Marg Helgenberger. It seems like the show will be using the device of Halloway's Gabriel having a computer chip in his brain as a vehicle to explore how we communicate and relate to one another. [Buddy TV]


Here's a very short description of the pilot:

CDC pathologist Dr. Alan Farragut and his team come face-to-face with unimaginable horrors when they arrive at the Arctic Biosystems base to investigate a strange retrovirus.


More photos from the pilot can be found here. [Multipleverses]


Go here to see a complete gallery of posters and character photos. [Multipleverses]


Lost Girl

Here's the synopsis for episode 4.12.

Bo is reluctant to comply with her role in a prophecy foretold by an order of Knights, until advice from a surprising source helps her make a difficult decision.



The 100

Go here to see the cast's promo photos. [Multipleverses]


Below are some stills from the pilot. [Multipleverses]



Go here for more photos from the pilot of the CW's latest sci-fi romance show. [Multipleverses]


Beauty and the Beast

A complete set of photos from episode 2.10, "Ancestors," are here. [SpoilerTV]


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