British appliance company Dyson has released an intriguing teaser video to promote its latest product. We're not entirely sure what it is, but this RoboCop-inspired ad has us thinking it's a robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with computer vision.


A Roomba-like vacuum cleaner is probably a good guess. Earlier this year, Dyson poured £5 million (USD$8.2 million) into a lab that focuses on helping robots "understand and adapt to the world around them" at London's Imperial College. And this past February, founder James Dyson told the BBC that "mastering [robotic vision] will make our lives easier and lead to previously unthinkable technologies."


The secretive project, dubbed project N223, will be revealed to the public on September 4th.

Which has us wondering — if it's not a vacuum cleaner, what could it possibly be?

[h/t Verge]

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