We've already noted that Stan Lee would like to see a Doctor Strange movie. But at Wizard World Anaheim, Smiling Stan hinted that the Sorcerer Supreme was next on the docket.


At a panel with Avi Arad to promote his new manga Ultimo, Lee mentioned that he would like to see a Doctor Strange film, and that "they will [get to it] pretty soon." When Lee later spoke with Superhero Hype at WWA, he made equally telling comments about the good doctor's silver screen prospects:

I'd like to see a great movie come out of it. Doctor Strange is somewhat different from all the others. With the nightmares and the other conventions, it'll give them a chance to have some great special effects and a slightly different type of hero.

Lee's been a proponent of a Doctor Strange movie for a while now, but is this a sign that Stephen Strange is next line for the celluloid treatment? Of course, Stan has been just as vocal for his support of an Ant-Man film (he's met with Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright, who's been tied Ant-Man), but he's said nothing like this about that project.

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