Is Disney scouring Marvel's B-listers for the next big superhero flick?

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With Marvel's A-listers ensnared in preexisting movie franchises, it appears Disney's cultivating the publisher's second-tier superheroes. Two writers behind the upcoming Conan flick are penning a Dr. Strange script, and Disney's apparently producing short films for heroes like Luke Cage.


According to Deadline, Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Donnelly, two writers of Lionsgate's Hyborian reboot, are tackling the Sorcerer Supreme. Also, the Latino Review recently divulged that Disney wants to create promo films to introduce audiences to Marvel's lesser-known heroes:

Got a scoop from a well trusted source that Marvel/Disney are looking at doing 10 minute short films in front of their feature length movies that will introduce secondary characters like Black Panther, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, etc


It's not clear when this preview initiative is getting off the ground, but hey, this could be a good litmus test to see what franchises would flourish or founder. Say audiences come out of Captain America absolutely bonkers over a Luke Cage short. We could potentially see a Heroes For Hire flick down the pike. Sweet Christmas, the possibilities!

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