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Is Disney Ok?

A famous puppet.
A famous puppet.
Image: Disney

They say that a company’s social media presence is like the window into its soul.


On Sunday, Disney’s official Twitter account posted a very macabre, albeit relatable meme featuring Pinocchio, the puppet who dreams of one day becoming a real boy.


[Update: Disney took down the tweet, but the original text read: “Makes no difference who you are.” and included a GIF of Pinocchio being blessed by the Blue Fairy (but not moving) and the caption, “When someone compliments you, but you’re dead inside.”]

Though we all love a bit of dark humor as we look forward to the work week ahead, the joke’s decidedly un-Disneylike and suggest that either the company’s going in a new direction or, as some have theorized, the tweet may be about Kingdom Hearts. Or, you know, someone’s simply gotten ahold of their Twitter account.

Got any theories?

io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.

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They must’ve just read this Atlantic article about Steamboat Willie going into public domain in 2024.