Is Cobra Commander Getting A Casual Makeover?

Comic publisher IDW released this image yesterday without any information other than that it's a new character appearing in a series they're launching this month. But that face-concealing mask? That lapel pin? We think it's Cobra Commander's new look.


There's another giveway in the image; the "Anto" signature, which belongs to Antonio Fuso, artist of last year's surprisingly enjoyable GI Joe: Cobra series... which just so happens to have a sequel beginning this month.

As for the new look itself, we think we like it. Sure, it's not got the military chic of his original look - or the cloth-head, for that matter - but it fits in with the understatedness of the Cobra revamp in general, and there's something amusingly "motivational speaker" about the turtleneck-and-suit look. But what do you think? Does this look say "Terrorist Leader" to you?

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