Is Chuck Nuking The Fridge?

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A wave of stunt casting is going on over at spy-comedy Chuck. We reported the addition of Super Bowl champion Michael Strahan and Nicole Richie, but NBC is also adding Michael Clarke Duncan and Melinda Clarke. Duncan plays a villain in the season premiere, and Clarke will be in the second episode. Plus John Larroquette is joining the cast as a semi-regular. I'm going to go out on a huge limb here and assume that everyone has a secret. Just how big is the mall where Chuck works anyway?

Every week the story gets a little more confusing and a little less interesting: someone bad is stopped by Chuck's spy-computer brain and inherent geekness. The characters are so one-dimensional it's sad, and not even cute lederhosen can save them. Granted I was partial to Captain Awesome in the first episode but his shtick got old, fast. But there are more questions I have for Chuck and his buddies.


How does this world actually function without imploding with its own illogic? Every week, there's a new character that adds little to the plot and just seems like bells and whistles trying to take the audience's attention off the terrible story line. For example, look at Rachel Bilson, she's hot. Never mind the terrible Russian arms dealers' accents. or the ridiculous Ninja fighting. Give us character development please or at least some meat on those plot lines.

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The show's one saving grace is Adam Baldwin as John Casey. He's a great character and completely and totally believable. Who else was standing in their seat clapping when Jayne, sorry Casey, suited up in Buy More gear?

But in general, the way things are going with Chuck, he may not want to quit his day job at the Nerd Herd.


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I like Chuck for the same strengths that shows the OC and Veronica Mars had... wait, hear me out.

Those shows, while having "serious" plot points, also kept themselves in check by self-mockery, as well as pop culture references that felt natural as opposed to commercialization. There are scenes in Chuck that mirror the OC, and Veronica Mars dropping "frak" all over the place was something that would seem right at home in Chuck.

I enjoy where it was at, and hope they keep it light. Not everything has to get deep and serious all the time, we have battlestar for that (I say that in a complimentary way - still best show on television).

One cool thing: they always had City of Villains on the racks behind Chuck. That was product placement I fully support.

And, since no one wants her, I'll gladly take Sarah off your hands. I can look at her all day.