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Rumors are flying that Mad Max 4 has cast Charlize Theron as its female lead. And brought in Tom "Picard's clone" Hardy, to replace the aged Mel. Does this mean the new Max may have a "female road-warrior" storyline?


Eonline has broken the news that Theron is director George Miller's number-one pick for the female lead in Mad Max 4. And with end-of-the-world features being all the rage, he may score this Oscar-winning actress.

Tom Hardy, who was in Star Trek Nemisis and Black Hawk Down, is rumored to be taking on the role of "Mad" Max Rockatansk. We're happy that there will be a younger Max who won't get winded chasing down evil biker gangs, and Mel Gibson won't carry through on his threat to change his character's name to "Fat Max."


We just hope they can convince Mel to cameo somewhere. Maybe he can come back as Thunderdome's newest law-maker, replacing Aunty Entity.

But by casting such a well known actress to play the mysterious and female lead role, you have to wonder if this movie will be more of "from the eyes of a she-warrior" story, with Max along for the ride? Either way, if you pay for Theron, I'm sure you're going to want to get your money's worth of screentime. Sadly there are little to no details about the plot, as actors auditioning for the role haven't even been told their character's full names.

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