Is Buffy Heading Towards An Unexpected Climax?

If the accidental reveal of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 8's villain ahead of time ruined the series for you, then the last panel of the latest issue may have you curious about where the story is going... Spoilers!


Sent out by Dark Horse with the teasing text "Twilight: You only know half the story!," this final panel from this week's Buffy #33 - which follows on from the in-story revelation that Twilight, the behind-the-scenes big bad of the series, is actually Angel - suggests that the expected slugfest may not be exactly what you might have thought... Have almost three years' worth of stories about Buffy's indecision in terms of relationships (making moves on Satsu, Xander, facing up to those who've moved on, like her sister, Xander - again - and even Oz) been leading to a moment where she fucks her enemy into defeat? It's unlikely, but admit it: It's definitely not something you would've seen coming.

Buffy #33 is available in comic stores now.

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