Pop princess Britney Spears has combined the end times with the group sweat shake dance from her "Slave" days into one, scary post-apocalypse video for "Till The World Ends." Watch as Britney sings us into Armageddon.


This isn't the end of Spears' fascination with all things post-apocalyptic. Her manager told MTV that the entire tour will have a "post apocalyptic vibe." If I were a Pop star, with Spears money, I'd make my director digitally insert me into awesome past apocalypse films and then grind all over road warriors' tight leathered behind. Or I'd just recreate Thunderdome in my backyard with Tina Turner (also with Spears money).

Fingers crossed the director's cut of this video (yes there's a director's cut) will have more apocalypse in it.

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